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Led by Gabriel and Gilbert Broid, two notoriously freak cousins, The White Screen is the epiphany of the new wave sound of Tel-Aviv. Their music and show fuse elements of art-rock, gospel-punk and psych-pop, bringing alive ancient Hebrew and different languages in a pioneering and futuristic fashion.

Above all, The White Screen give a sensational show, creating a spiritual home for all those wild and lost young souls.

The group cover themselves in extravagant white fabrics and glamorous make-up, transforming every venue into a sexually loaded freak party in which both the band and the crowd are stocky by an uncontrollable urge to lose control. 

The Broid cousins are charismatic and passionate performers, unceasingly inviting their audience to join them on a terrifying but fantastic trip, through intimate, dreamy ballads to raunchy, ass kicking rock and roll. The band’s unique sound is coloured by the crunchy guitars, Casio organs and sleazy cello.

In their songs, whether humorously or romantically, The White Screen often rebel against local politics and universal injustice.

They don’t fear the apocalypse, on the contrary, they are in love with it. 


Their debut album, produced in part by Red-Axes, has raised them up to local cult heroes, and has gained them to international acknowledgment. Since the album’s release on 2016, The White Screen has performed on every stage in the country, from dark basements to Major festival. Last Summer on 2018 the band released “Death To Techno”, a new, fresh, electronic sounding E.P produced by Dori Sadovnik (Red-Axes).

In Addition they played, for the first time, a number of gigs in Europe including Pop-Kultur festival in Berlin.


In the coming September 2019, The White Screen are about to launch their new album - Sex-Drugs-Palestine !

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